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Recent Performance

Citigroup 101% Gain

Entry Price $.50 Exit Price $1.01 24 Hour hold

UBER 104% Gain

Entry Price $.73 Exit Price $1.47 24 Hour hold

TSLA 146% Gain

Entry Price $3.49 Exit Price $8.58 2 Hour hold

SPCE -17% Loss

Entry Price $1.73 Exit Price $1.43 24 Hour hold

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Lower risk trades, hold time average 1-3 weeks. At least 3-4 signals a week.


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Highest risk, fast moving trades and scalps. Recommended for experienced traders. 5-10 alerts a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom Stock Alerts is NOT a get rich quick service. All trading carries risk.

Freedom Stock Alerts is a paid subscription service that provides real time trade alerts for stocks, options and other assets. 

Our alerts are broken down into short, medium and long term hold categories to fit any trading style. 

Our service is $79/month (less than $4 a day). No long term contracts, and you can cancel at any time. 

Once a member you will gain access into our private trading area which is segmented into styles of trading. (You gain access to ALL alerts)

By leveraging the power of AI, technical, fundamental and human analysis we will provide ideal entry and exit positions.

Alerts are send out via push notifications as well as in our virtual trading room.

We give you a 7-day Free Trial so that you can test-drive our service and see firsthand how everything works. 


Our alerts come from the NYSE and NASDAQ, as equities(stocks) and options.

We also have a dedicated crypto currency alert channel.

Our Promise

Provide 100% emotion free and unbiased stock picks to give our members the greatest chance of making money no matter if the market is going up or down.