On-Demand Courses to Help You Grow a Digital Agency

Everything you need to grow an agency in 2020 and beyond

To Increase Revenue and Retain Clients, You Have to Master the Basics of Business

But There's a Problem...

  • Developing yourself is expensive

  • What was working isn’t anymore

  • Nobody has given you plan

  • Shiny object syndrome is real

  • The “guru” courses were outdated

  • There’s information overload and you’re stuck

The Business In A Box platform has everything you need to grow your agency in one place, even if your just getting started. We believe in a pay as you go model.  Feel free to learn at your own pace for a fraction of the cost of “High-Ticket” courses.


Far too many people leave their life up to fate or luck, with no clear direction on where they are going.  Some fall prey into the comfort zone of mediocracy and live life with self-resentments and envy of others.

A select few develop unbreakable determination, and when combined with the power of a plan experience an awakening. 

Every Course Makes It Simple to Master Key Agency Skills

1 Getting Started
2 Client Services
3 Sales
4 Paid Media
5 Hiring & Growth
6 Community
Getting Started

Structure & Foundation

Let's start at the beginning to make sure your house in order, the last thing you need is to have a thriving agency collapse due to unneeded risk. 

We aren't lawyers, but we will dive into LLC's, Corporations, Operating Agreements and Merchant Accounts.

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Structure & Foundation
Client Services

Onboarding and Retention

The true test of whether an agency succeeds or fails is not by how many clients you sell, but rather how many you retain.

You will master a seamless onboarding process and how to set proper expectations with clients to minimize churn.  

Our downloadable checklists and documents make onboarding a breeze! 

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Onboarding and Retention

Sales Cure All

Imagine having a service that every business you pitch must have and has little to no risk to the client. The confidence literally oozes out of you and future clients can't help but say YES!

You will master the pitch, the close and handle all objections.  Download our exact pitch deck, simply insert your branding and you are off.

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Sales Cure All
Paid Media

Facebook, Google & Others

Learn to love launching campaigns, and never stress over blowing a clients budget.

You are gonna learn how the platforms work, the correct campaign structure and the simplest way to create videos, images and copy.

Download pre-built ad examples which you can literally plug and play into your clients campaigns.

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Facebook, Google & Others
Hiring & Growth

Steady & Smooth Growth

Once your agency has over 8 clients its time to bring in some help, but adding a new personality to the mix can upset the balance.  

Learn how to pick the right mix of personality and skills.  We will breakdown what key traits are needed, and red flags to watch out for.

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Steady & Smooth Growth

Connect and Grow

The power of many is more powerful than one, but remember you are who you hang around.

The private community of Business in a Box is hand selected with a common purpose of success.  

No Ads, No Promotion and Absolutely FREE!

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Connect and Grow


Your Plan For Growing Your Agency

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Message from our founder Justin Riley

We believe that 2021 is setting up to be the largest opportunity for small business growth in over 10 years. Droves of businesses are failing due to COVID, and the playing field is now set for lower competition and rapid growth.